Lace Makers Group

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The Lace project started after the Tsunami in 2004 in co-operation with Adapt Sri Lanka. The funds for the project came through the Power of Hands Foundation. In the first month research was carried out to fund details of lace makers around the city of Galle (up to Mirassa). 68 registered lace makers were found in this area, representing three categories of lace making. Shoba Life to Hands visited these women and provided them with materials and training where needed. The training was given by lace makers from the UK to teach the Sri Lankan women to produce lace in accordance with UK Standards, so that the lace would be suitable to export to Europe. After that, the women secured orders from the UK, through the Power of Hands Foundation. The lace makers come to the Shoba Gallery to get their orders and the renowned designer Andrea Galer has placed orders for lace. The lace makers have extraordinary skill and the group invites discussions on orders for lace items, or lace pieces for incorporation into products such as quality high-end bags for women.